SOLISYSTEME offers new solutions to optimise and enlarge your outdoor living space, regardless the climatic variations

Bioclimatic Pergola

Dress your terrace with a custom-made pergola

Pioneer of the bioclimatic pergola

The SOLISYSTEME adjustable blade pergola is a certified system of terrace coverings that combines functionality and aesthetics: a perfect compromise between blinds and a veranda, the aluminium blades can be adjusted very simply, either manually or with a remote control.

Its “Bioclimatic” technology will offer you protection and optimal use of your living space by allowing you to adjust the sunshine instantly, by creating cooling ventilation in case of strong heat, or by sheltering you from bad weather (rain and wind).

Why choose our brand?


SOLISYSTEME are the pioneers of the bioclimatic pergola. Our designs are registered, patented and this is your guarantee of unrivaled quality


Because every model is "remarkable". The lines of our pergolas are timeless and each one is a unique combination, taylor made. You can choose the dimensions and the supporting structure


because you will benefit from our "expertise" for more than 15 years, our know-how offers you pergolas that are resistant to any test


The concept of a pergola with adjustable louvers was invented in 1998 by Jean-Louis Castel.

Today, SOLISYSTEME, which holds the original patent, has been designing, manufacturing and marketing the BIOCLIMATIC pergola with adjustable slats for more than 15 years, in France and abroad, and its latest innovation.

Double-walled slats with flat underside and dedicated guttering A4 stainless steel screws Motorised control or winch and crank handle 10-year warranty on aluminium, 3 years on parts and mechanisms.

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5 years of trust and growing

5 years of relationship with Look & Feel demonstrate how well the product has been incorporated in Mauritius island. This relationship is now founded and total trust between us ease our work in the supply and demand chain. We appreciate working together, new orders and projects keep our relationship active throughout the year. Year after year we look forward to the new challenges that we may encounter. Together we grow serenely.

Pergola Bioclimatic